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We are located in the Top End - Darwin Northern Territory. 

I fell in love with the affectionate, energetic, boldness of the Staffordshire Bull Terrier over 32 years ago and have not looked back.  Originally following in my Father's footsteps of owning and showing Dobermans in the 90's, when a cousin introduced his Stafford to me.  I could not get this little friendly character out of my head.  Before I knew it I had both Dobermans and Staffords.  Showing, obedience and agilty.  They certainly kept me on my toes.  In the end when my old doberman passed away at 13 years old, I never got a replacement.  The Staffords had won my heart. As I had by this stage, 5 of my own little kids running around the house, they were the best and most tolerant dog to have around children.  They most certainly are, and still referred to as the "Nanny Dog".   Staffords took over the lounge and If I turned my back they would also take over my bed.  The cheeky little devils are never far from my side. Under the dinner table hoping for a dropped snack, in the kitchen again hoping for more dropped snacks I'm sure.   

Hope you enjoy my site.  I am still into showing and agility after a bit of a break whist raising my family and just owning great canine companions along the way.  

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