Owning a Staffordshire Bull Terrier

What's it like owning a Staffy?

  • Although they were created in the 19th century in Brittian to be a small fast fighting dog, those days are long gone as they became lovers and not fighters.
  • They still provide much courage, boldness and enthusiasm, so be prepared to spend a lot of time with your Staffy
  • Being alone, Staffy's hate it!  They are very much a companion dog, if you are a shift worker or work away, this will not be the breed for you.
  • Be prepared to be loved and to loose your favourite spot on the lounge chair, as what is yours is theres!
  • Staffy's need companionship. I often get asked "what's the best thing to keep my Staffy busy or happy while I'm at work"?  My answe is always  "Get another Staffy".   
  • Despite their affectionate nature, they do best with "Pet Parents" who can socialise them early and keep up with consistent training.  Do this, and you will have a faithful adoring family member for life.
  • Here in the Top End it gets hot, and your Staffy will want to stay cool.  Staffys love water, have a pool they can sit in after a play or on a hot day.  They really are water babies here in Darwin.
  • Staffys are very child friendly, you envite someone into your home they will be very friendly to strangers.  I have had my staffords jumping into the cars of courier drivers when they have left their door open!  No stranger danger awarness here.
  • Staffords are protectors of family, but not property, they will most likely invite a burgular in, especially if they think they are in for a good pat.
  • However be aware they are not always dog friendly.   Socialise your dog very early in its' life or this could become  problematic 
  • Staffords need a firm owner, a good trainer and super loving.  
  • Staffords love to chew, especially in there puppy phase, they will need a lot of firm, durable toys and lots of raw (never cooked) bones to keep their teeth busy and off your furniture.
  • Grooming, this is the easy bit.  Short coat, no shedding or de-matting.  A great wash and wear dog.
  • Life Span.  Staffords live 12-14 years.  Make sure you have a good foreseeable future to own a staffy.

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